Dear EMCY readers,

We hope you all enjoyed this, out of the ordinary, summer of 2020 as much as we did. As all things, good or bad, come always to an end, with the start of September most of us have to go back to work or to school.

At the end of August, EMCY started an exciting project and one more time we caught a glimpse of the power of music. In order to set up a stage performance, a group of young people from different cultural backgrounds had to listen and find the “right tone” in talking to each other. Their passion for music and the arts in general, offered them a common ground and led to a 'Musical Storytelling'.

Some of these memories will stay with us forever, but we are also happy to share some with all of you through this channel.
We wish you all the best and feel free to tell us your thoughts about the project,
The EMCY team
A B O U T     T H E     P R O J E C T 
A crucial step on the way to a more cohesive and inclusive European society, are first hand meetings with marginalised groups, who lack a broad integration into our societies. Often the youth hear about marginalised groups as migrants, refugees and disabled people in the news, but don´t get the chance to meet and exchange with them in depth.
Our project “Musical Storytelling” will respond to this voiced need. The project will offer a protected and comfortable setting for discussing and learning about diversity and inclusion through the universal language, music.
Maria from Uganda and Jan from Germany
Musical Storytelling participants
Mafo from Libia and Prince White from Nigeria
Together with the workshop leader Michie Hahn  
'Musical Storytelling’ is a project created by EMCY in collaboration with UGDA Music School, Natų knygynas and Muzicki i Baletski Pedagozi Skopje.
The Ecole de musique de l’Union Grand-Duc Adolphe (UGDA Music School) organises numerous extracurricular activities on many level such as training and development workshops for children and young adults. It also organises exchanges in collaboration with other cultural and youth organisations and is focusing on expanding the presence of the contemporary repertoire in its competitions as well as the cooperation of emerging musicians with young composers.
The Lithuanian non-profit organisation Natų knygynas has a long tradition in national and international educational events for children and young adults. Among the current and upcoming events for youth is the anti-piracy project. It raises awareness for the protection of music copyrights through seminars in the major Lithuanian music schools.
The organisation Zdruzenie na gragjani Muzicki i Baletski Pedagozi Skopje enable musicians with fewer opportunities from North Macedonia which include minority groups and young musicians from poor families to participate in European level musical events (concerts, workshops, seminars, masterclasses), make contacts, develop new skills and training in order to boost their professional careers.
This project is co-founded by Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.
T H E    A C T I V I T Y    I N     M U N I C H 
Workshop at MZM (Medienzentrum München)
The first activity of the project took place in Munich (Germany). EMCY cooperated with the largely renowned organisations “Bellevue di Monaco”, a culture and living center for refugees and “Refugio Munich”, an advisory and treatment center specialized on young refugees.

Waseem Radwan together with Michie Hahn, singer of the well-known band Einsoch6 and Marcel Zoetl, young saxophonist and producer based in Munich lead the musical workshops.
The project combined art and music with social learning objectives, illustrating the real value and benefits of a multicultural Europe. Non-formal learning methods were included: personal intercultural exchange and peer learning, local visits, country presentations, interactive learning activities, self-exploration, group works, role plays, games and many more.
Twenty young musicians from eight different countries worked together for more than one week to create an incredible final show to perform in two beautiful venues in Munich. Jazz musicians together with classical, hip hop mixed with pop, all camee together around the topics of love and solidarity. 
The project has been possible thanks to the: BK Kids Foundation, Bezirksausschuss Westpark-Sendling, Bezirksausschuss Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt.
Musical Storytelling flyer
F I N A L   C O N C E R T S 
After more than one week of inspiring workshops and exciting cooperation, the musicians and performers hit some among the most beautiful stages in Munich. On Wednesday they warm up with an incredible Jam session at Kulturstrand München, the cozy beach in the heart of Music.
On Saturday the weather was not the right one for the charming courtyard of Bellevue di Monaco, but everything was just fixed to turn the performance into a livestream. So in case you miss the show, you can easily watch it from your sofa here.
The last concert took place under the colorful tent of eclectic Minna Thiel, in the big green space between the most beautiful museums of the city. Among the audience we happily host the Second Mayor of Munich Katrin Habenschaden and Anton Biebl, the cultural advisor of Munich, who danced with us on our message of love and solidarity.
Sophie Duhnkrack (EMCY General Secretary) presenting the final concert to Minna Thiel audience
and Katrine Habenschaden and Anton Biebl
"Thank you guys! I learned so much and this week really filled my heart with joy. One love." Marcel, workshop leader, 24 years old
"When we started, there were 20 strangers with different styles of music and culture. After one week of working together it turned into a group of friends making music together. It’s amazing what you can arhive through music. With this project we truly build some bridges!" Waseem, workshop leader, 34 years old
"When I am thinking about the project, I want to see everyone again. In this short time we came so close together and to let everyone go, is hard. But I made friends for my life and future. I am happy to meet everyone and that I had the chance to make these experiences." Ella, singer, 15 years old
Livestream Concert at Bellevue di Monaco
T H E   F U T U R E 
The second activity of the project will take place in Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg), where UGDA Music School will cooperate with the Caritas Luxembourg.
The focus of the activity will be on exchange on different music, art and performance styles by the different participants, peer-learning, playing music together, teamwork to create a stage performance, including different formats and presentation styles, e.g. classical music practice with hip-hop, beat boxing and rap, according to the skills and input of the young participants.
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